Lead World of Warcraft Designer Brian Departs Blizzard to Co-Found New Game Studio

Brian Holinka, the lead World of Warcraft designer, has announced his departure from Blizzard to join Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street in forming a new game studio. This move comes after Street’s departure from Riot Games and the upcoming League of Legends MMO.

Brian Holinka’s Farewell:

Holinka took to Twitter to announce his departure from Blizzard after nearly 11 years of working with Team 2. He expressed his excitement to spend time with his family before embarking on a new adventure with his old friend and mentor, Greg Street.

Acknowledging the Combat Team:

Holinka mentioned his regret about not being able to witness the growth and development of the combat team, but he expressed confidence in their new leadership and their ability to thrive as designers.

Holinka’s Journey at Blizzard:

Joining Blizzard in 2012 as the lead PvP designer for World of Warcraft, Holinka brought with him years of experience working on renowned first-person shooters. In 2017, he took a break from WoW to contribute to an unannounced Blizzard project as a senior designer, before returning to oversee the entire class and combat design team.

The Future Studio:

Details about the name and projects of the new independent studio co-founded by Street and Holinka are yet to be revealed. However, the gaming community eagerly awaits their creative endeavors and the projects they will bring to life.


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