Sony Announces Next PlayStation Showcase: New IPs and Anticipated Titles Await

Sony has exciting news for gamers as they announce the upcoming PlayStation Showcase on May 24. The event promises to unveil new IPs, highly anticipated titles, and surprises from top studios.

Sony Announces Next PlayStation Showcase_ New IPs and Anticipated Titles Await

A Sneak Peek at New PS5 and PSVR 2 IPs:

Sony’s hour-long presentation will include exciting details about upcoming IPs for the PS5 and PSVR 2. Gamers can expect a range of captivating games developed by renowned studios.

Dazzling Third-Party and Indie Games:

The showcase will feature an array of “spellbinding games” from third-party partners and talented indie creators. Prepare to be amazed by the diverse range of gaming experiences on offer.

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Mark Your Calendars: Date and Time:

Make sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 24. The live broadcast of PlayStation Showcase will kick off at 1pm PT/4pm ET/BST 9pm/AEST 6am (Thursday 25). Don’t miss out on the exciting announcements! It will be live streamed on Sony PlayStation youtube channel.

Wednesday 241pm PT
Wednesday 244pm ET
Wednesday 24BST 9pm
Thursday 25AEST 6am

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

A Highly Anticipated Title: Fans eagerly await new information on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, set to release later this fall. The showcase might provide long-awaited details about this thrilling action-adventure superhero game.

Video by ComicBookCast2

The Last of Us Multiplayer:

Possible Surprise Reveals: The anticipated Last of Us multiplayer mode from Naughty Dog could make an appearance, given the lack of information so far. Fans are hopeful for exciting updates on this highly anticipated project.

Expect More Exciting Reveals:

Sony has a track record of surprising fans with major announcements during their showcases. With the promise of “several new creations” in the works, anticipation is building as May 24 approaches.


Sony’s PlayStation Showcase is set to deliver a thrilling gaming experience with new IPs, highly anticipated titles, and surprises from top studios. Get ready to immerse yourself in the future of gaming on May 24!


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