9 Rumors About Apple Glasses View You Must Know!


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9. The glasses will feature high-resolution 4K micro-OLED displays from Sony, providing exceptional visual quality.

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8. Apple plans to incorporate two powerful M2 processors for enhanced computing power.

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7. The glasses will use multiple cameras for real-world video streaming and accurate facial tracking.

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6. Apple may introduce an iris scanner for enhanced security and convenient authentication.

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5. Gesture recognition, touch detection, voice commands, and Siri integration will provide intuitive control options.

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4. Users may be able to type in the air, with the glasses recognizing finger movements for text input.

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3. An external battery, similar to MagSafe, will provide additional power and can be easily replaced for uninterrupted use.

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2. The glasses will run on xrOS, a new operating system designed for immersive experiences and compatibility with existing apps.

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1. While earlier speculations pointed to a $3,000 price tag, recent rumors suggest Apple may offer the glasses at around $1,500.

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