Google To Deliver Internet Through Lasers in Remote Areas!


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Alphabet's innovation lab X is using beams of light to deliver internet access to remote areas through its project called Taara.

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Taara aims to provide affordable internet services in 13 countries, including India, Australia, Kenya, and Fiji.

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The technology uses lasers to transmit data wirelessly, similar to fiber-optic internet without cables.

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Taara has partnered with companies like Bharti Airtel, Econet Group, Liquid Telecom, Bluetown, and Digicel to expand its reach.

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The project is focused on connecting hard-to-reach places and aims to be cost-effective for end consumers.

Taara's technology is being used to build communications infrastructure and deliver faster internet in urban areas as well.

This initiative is part of Alphabet's broader commitment to digitize India and bridge the digital divide.

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