Possibility Of Conor McGregor Vs Roman Reigns In WWE!


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1. Eric Bischoff believes Conor McGregor joining WWE is possible.

img src: wrestletalk.com

2. McGregor had a feud with Paul Heyman and teased joining WWE.

img src: twitter.com

3. Heyman and McGregor exchanged insults, with Heyman calling him a "little guy."

img src: imdb.com

4. McGregor vowed to suplex Paul Heyman.

img src: insider.com

5. Bischoff thinks a feud between McGregor and Roman Reigns is unlikely.

img src: cnn.com

6. Bischoff can visualize McGregor in WWE but not against Reigns.

img src: scmp.com

7. The size difference between McGregor and Reigns would make a match unbelievable.

img src: superluchas.com

8. McGregor is set to return to the UFC to fight Michael Chandler later this year.

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