Spider-Verse Directors Debunk Fan Theorie


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1. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse's directors Kemp Powers and Joaquim Dos Santos confirm that most of the fan theories about the forthcoming movie are "way off base."

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2. The secrecy surrounding the movie's plot makes it difficult for fans to guess the direction of the narrative accurately.

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3. Of all the fan speculation that the duo has read online, around "90 percent" of it is completely wrong.

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4. The directors are happy that people are talking and pontificating on the movie, rather than not at all.

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5. Powers and Dos Santos know what the film's story is about, which characters will show up, who'll get the most character development, and how it'll end.

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6. The movie has secret cameos that its main voice cast doesn't even know about, one of which is "gonna blow your eyeballs out the backside of your head."

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7. Across the Spider-Verse's own creative team is helping to drive discussions and fan theories about the flick pre-release.

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