5 Outstanding Designing Projects: Leveraging Movement for Visual Impact

We return from Easter with five designing projects that stand out from the rest for how they use and take advantage of movement in their systems. These are five identities that you should have written down, no matter what, in your reference book.

Warning: It is necessary to get into case studies to enjoy the projects 100%.

Epidemic Sound – Bold: Concept in form and movement

The concept of using cues in editing software to build motion and graphic systems is very interesting. This technique allows a concept to be represented in multiple ways, providing flexibility in design and consistency in visual identity. A formula that allows movement to be present in any piece. Simple and masterful touch.

Discover the movement of this case here.

Epidemic Sound tracks to create movement in identity
Epidemic Sound visual identity
Epidemic Sound system
Epidemic Sound graphics

Milan Symphony Orchestra – Landor: Scale, repetitions and subtraction

Scale and repetition are resources closely linked to representing movement, but in this case, subtraction adds a new dimension, generating variable forms and counterforms.

A disadvantage of having a movement system with a lot of personality is that you can lose that characteristic in static supports. However, in this case, subtraction makes the identity work just as well in static as in motion. It is a clear example of giving the concept another spin and using up the pencil.

Milan Symphony Orchestra logo
Milan Symphony Orchestra identity graphic application
Milan Symphony Orchestra movement typography
Milan Symphony Orchestra typography

Watch the movement of this identity here.

Philarmonie Luxembourg – NB Studio: From building to typography

This identity presents many interesting elements. However, given the current focus on motion and audio, let’s focus on the symbol. Originating from the building, it evolves into a typographic resource, but what is notable is the modification it undergoes with the music. Movement is often associated with spectacularity, but not all identities or gestures need to be striking. Here you can appreciate the beauty of subtlety.

Philharmonie Luxembourg identity
Philharmonie Luxembourg graphics
Philharmonie Luxembourg identity movement

See the entire project here.

Tidal – Vucko: The guidelines make the system

Very fine kinetic identity work. It is noticeable when there are some fundamentals when creating a movement system. Transitions, entries, exits, movement in XYZ… and all starting from the rhombus as the central element of the symbol. A marvel. I wish I could see the manual for this system.

tidal movement
Tidal rhombus identity
Tidal movement system

See movement resources here.

London Symphony Orchestra – Design bridge and partners: An almost magical wand

Through the movement of the baton, the typography is intervened to generate the main visual resource. Both the process and the final result of this exercise are fascinating. The typographic detail provides the sensation of rapid movement, while the abstract element effectively represents sound and its fractality. Music, Master!

London Symphony Orchestra movement typography
London Symphony Orchestra motion graphics
London Symphony Orchestra movement
London Symphony Orchestra movement identity

Review the entire project here.

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5 Outstanding Designing Projects_ Leveraging Movement for Visual Impact

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