How Etsy Entrepreneur Became Freelance eCommerce Writer and Blogger?

Inspiring story of our subscriber who became freelance eCommerce writer and blogger from an Etsy entrepreneur!

I’ve always had a knack for juggling multiple roles from Etsy Entrepreneur to becoming a content writer for eCommerces. My journey began at 19 with an Etsy jewelry store. Balancing this venture with college and various jobs taught me valuable marketing lessons through hands-on experimentation.

During those years, I wore many hats, working 35-40+ hours weekly in diverse roles: from being a barista/baker to serving in a retirement home, trying my hand as an optician, and interning at a magazine.

To say I kept busy would be an understatement. However, this hard work yielded results. I leveraged my experience to secure my first professional job immediately after college graduation, starting the week after.

For almost three years, I served as a full-time PR manager for a hunger relief non-profit. This role honed my speaking, writing, and marketing skills. I embarked on statewide presentations, crafted numerous marketing materials, and managed newsletters and email campaigns.

As someone who can’t sit idle, I took on side projects. Early on, I dabbled in social media management and later ventured into freelance writing—a path I found remarkably fulfilling. Over time, my freelance income grew, eventually providing the financial stability to step away from my full-time job and plunge headfirst into the world of freelancing. I gave myself an 18-month trial period.

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The results exceeded expectations. My focus shifted towards eCommerce and its associated software, allowing me to apply the invaluable experience gained from my Etsy shop. Today, I’m well-versed in both subjects. Nine years into this career journey, I’m immensely grateful for the path I’ve chosen. It’s been a rewarding adventure every step of the way.

– Kaleigh Moore (Freelancer Writer from Springfield, IL)

How Etsy Entrepreneur Became Freelance eCommerce Writer and Blogger

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