What to Expect at Vigo’s Creativa Festival 2024 Edition

Vigo is preparing for the second edition of the Creativa Festival 2024, an event that promises to expand the horizons of art and creativity with a vibrant and diverse program. The festival will bring together prominent artists, designers, illustrators and specialists in artificial intelligence, offering an unmissable meeting for professionals and fans of design and culture.

After the resounding success of its inauguration in 2023, which brought together more than 1,200 participants, Creativa has established itself as a reference space for cultural exploration in Vigo. Organized by Dot: Galicia and Galería Maraca, with the main support of Cervezas Alhambra, the festival will take place in several emblematic spaces in the city, such as the Maraca Gallery itself, the MARCO Museum and the Évame Oroza space.

This year’s offering includes everything from exhibitions to workshops and talks, standing out for its innovative and accessible approach that aims to attract a wide and diverse audience. Among the new features is a graphics market that will offer a window to Galician illustration, design and self-publishing throughout the day on Saturday, April 20.

Featured participants of the Creativa Festival 2024 edition:

  • Flavita Banana and Ricardo Moya: This dynamic duo will present their podcast “Domingos de Bajan” live, offering a space for reflection and humor. With their unique approach, they promise to be one of the highlights of the festival.
  • Alba Meijide: Recognized specialist in artificial intelligence, Meijide will provide her vision on how AI is reformulating the creative landscape. Her talk is eagerly awaited by professionals and technology enthusiasts.
  • Nuria Diaz: Renowned Galician illustrator, Díaz will be presenting her new illustrated book about Charlie Chaplin, promising to connect with audiences of all ages through her narrative and visually captivating art.
  • Yeye Weller: The German illustrator, known for his unique style that mixes classic cartoons with street art, will participate with an exhibition specially designed for Creativa.
  • Eugenia Tenenbaum: Art historian and popularizer, Tenenbaum will talk about the gender perspective in art, a talk that promises to delve into current issues and cultural relevance.
  • Ricardo Cavolo: An internationally renowned artist, Cavolo will share experiences about his career and work, which includes collaborations with global brands such as Gucci and Apple.
  • Boamistura: This Madrid artistic collective will present “Crossroads”, a documentary that explores its work in peripheral communities through art and social integration.

Creativa is not only a festival, but a declaration of principles about the importance of accessible culture and creativity without barriers. With an inclusive approach and the participation of prominent figures in the world of design and culture, Creativa 2024 is an unmissable event for those interested in the latest trends in art and creativity. We invite all design professionals and fans to register and participate in this celebration of creativity in Vigo.

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What to Expect at Vigo's Creativa Festival 2024 Edition
Creativa Festival 2024

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