Landa Launches New S11 and S11P Presses Models With Ai for Smarter and Faster Performance

The new high-speed module, based on artificial intelligence, produces 11,200 sheets per hour, to obtain very significant savings in printing and boost high-volume jobs.

Landa Digital Printing today announces the launch of the Landa S11 and S11P Nanographic Printing® presses, incorporating the latest generation of its market-leading B1 digital printing technology. The new Landa models offer maximum production versatility with a printing speed that reaches 11,200 sheets per hour. This greater speed makes extraordinary savings possible for customers who want to increase their productivity by reducing job production times.

The new Landa presses, which will now be on sale at Drupa 2024, will also offer the new PrintAI module with which print quality is further improved thanks to artificial intelligence technology. It is the perfect complement to even the most demanding commercial printing and folding carton applications, which often require microtext and other brand protection features. PrintAI opens the door to new profit-generating opportunities for many companies.

Nueva Landa S11P Nanographic Printing Press

Gil Oron, CEO of Landa Digital Printing, comments: “We are pleased to announce the launch of the Landa S11 and S11P presses. Following our customers’ success with the current Landa S10 and S10P models, and based on what we understand will be the future needs of the sector, we are determined to take Nanography technology to the next level. “The new Landa models allow printers and packaging converters to not only increase print quality, but also increase productivity and profitability while simultaneously reducing job production times.”

As a platform of proven experience and technology, we are proud that more than 50 Landa presses are already working at the nerve center of many companies in 14 countries around the world; and also that more than 20% of our customers have placed an order for a second or third press. Considered an essential growth driver for folding carton converters, commercial printers and point-of-sale specialists, we have entered a new stage of print production with Nanography. A time when the limitations of previous technology have been removed and print customers can finally get what they want, when they want it: beautiful prints with unlimited design potential and affordable production costs, on production timelines. market leader and always keeping in mind respect for the environment.

New 11K module

The new Landa S11 and S11P models include a new ink drying system that allows dry ink to be transferred from the blanket to the substrate at a higher speed: 11,200 sheets per hour. Offering greater productivity and better economic benefits, this new high-speed feature is key for printers and converters who want to produce more jobs in shorter turnaround times.

Press Customization

The new Landa S11 and S11P presses can be customized to meet the exact needs of each client. This means that each new press incorporates the choice of four or seven colours, continuous printing capability, optional in-line coating unit and the opportunity to purchase the 11K module to increase productivity to 11,200 sheets per hour and/or the PrintAI module. Gil Oron concludes: «Landa’s new modules provide a significant improvement to customers. While much of the new S11 series is built on the same strong and proven S10 platform, with the additional features we’re launching today, customers can expand their service offering or tap into other profitable new markets. In a more global context, there is no doubt that the revolution in digital printing in B1 format has already begun, and in this sense, Landa presses are helping many printers and converting companies respond to some of the most important challenges in the sector and can take advantage of some of the most interesting opportunities.

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Landa Launches New S11 and S11P Presses Models for Smarter and Faster Performance

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