Pastel Green: All You Need to Know!

As a lover of all things green, pastel green is one of my favorite shades. It’s a soft and soothing color that brings a touch of nature into any space. Hence, I will be sharing everything you need to know about pastel green color as I explained earlier about all types of pastel color and its palette.

What is the Color Pastel Green?

ColorHex Code
Pastel Green#77DD77

Pastel green is a light, pale green color that is soft and soothing to the eyes. It is created by adding white to pure green, resulting in a washed-out, muted shade. Pastel green is often associated with nature, growth, and renewal.

Is Pastel Green Mint?

While pastel green and mint green share some similarities, they are not the same color. Mint green is a more saturated and brighter shade of green, while pastel green is more muted and washed out. Mint green has a cooler undertone, while pastel green can have both warm and cool undertones.

Is Pale Green a Pastel Color?

Pale green and pastel green are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Pale green is a general term that refers to any light shade of green, while pastel green specifically refers to a light, washed-out green created by adding white to pure green.

Is Sage Green Pastel Green?

Sage green is not a pastel green color. It is a muted, gray-green color with a soft, dusty appearance. Sage green is created by mixing green with a small amount of gray or white, resulting in a muted, subdued color.

What Color Green is Sage?

Sage green is a gray-green color that is muted and subdued. It has a soft, dusty appearance that resembles the color of the leaves of a sage plant. Sage green can range from light to dark, depending on the amount of gray or white added to the green pigment.


pastel green

Pastel green is a soft and soothing shade of green that is perfect for creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. While it is often confused with other shades of green, pastel green is a unique color with its own characteristics. Understanding the difference between pastel green and other shades of green can help you choose the perfect color for your next project or design.


What is pastel green color?

Pastel green is a light and soft shade of green with a high amount of white mixed in.

Is pale green a pastel color?

Yes, pale green is considered a pastel color as it is a lighter version of green mixed with white.

What color green is sage?

Sage green is a muted green-grey color that is not considered a pastel green color.


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