ShapesXR Raises $8.6M to Revolutionize Spatial Design with VR Collaboration Like Apple Vision Pro!

A pioneering spatial design application, ShapesXR raises $8.6M and that is an impressive seed investment, aiming to enhance its VR collaboration capabilities and expand its compatibility with various headsets. The app is designed to empower users to create, prototype, and collaborate on spatial interfaces and environments, with a focus on democratizing 3D content creation.

Spatial Design for VR Interfaces:

ShapesXR distinguishes itself by embracing spatial design paradigms specific to VR interfaces and interactions, departing from traditional flat design concepts. The app offers a freeform canvas that enables users to visualize and assemble designs within VR, fostering an intuitive understanding of spatial scale and 3D context.

Seamless Collaboration in VR:

ShapesXR’s collaborative functionality facilitates multiple users to work simultaneously on projects, promoting effective teamwork. Currently accessible on Quest headsets, the company’s seed investment aims to expand compatibility to Apple Vision Pro, Pico, and Magic Leap headsets, enabling wider accessibility and cross-platform collaboration.

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Democratizing 3D Content Creation:

Inga Petryaevskaya, CEO and Founder of ShapesXR, emphasizes the app’s mission to eliminate technical barriers associated with VR content creation. The app’s user-friendly approach seeks to democratize 3D content creation, enabling individuals to become storytellers in the realm of VR, AR, and mixed reality.

Innovative ‘Layers’ Functionality:

ShapesXR extends beyond basic spatial design, incorporating a distinctive ‘layers’ feature. This function allows users to construct spatial content slideshows, akin to flip-book animations in a 3D environment. Designers can employ this feature to prototype interactions between users and spatial content, streamlining design work before actual programming.

Aspiring Industry Standard:

ShapesXR sets ambitious goals to become the industry standard for spatial UI/UX design, akin to Figma’s impact on mobile computing design. The app envisions itself as a transformative force in spatial computing, emphasizing seamless collaboration and intuitive 3D content creation.

ShapesXR Raises $8.6M to Revolutionize Spatial Design with VR Collaboration Like Apple Vision Pro


ShapesXR’s seed investment marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing spatial design within the VR landscape. With a strong focus on collaborative capabilities, intuitive design tools, and its unique ‘layers’ function, ShapesXR is poised to bridge the gap between traditional design paradigms and the immersive potential of spatial interfaces. As the app’s compatibility expands to a broader array of headsets, it holds the promise of empowering individuals to create, collaborate, and shape the future of spatial experiences.


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