The BenQ PD3225U Monitor Designed for The Mac Universe!

It is a market reality, Apple devices are preferred by creative profiles. We could say that it is almost a cultural decision in this demanding community. They are computers that delight you for the interface and user experience that macOS offers, also for the great optimization of the main features. suites of work. We will find all of this packaged in exquisite hardware for design, durability and specifications.

Another of the strong points of this type of equipment, which does not depend on the apple company, is the ecosystem of peripherals and accessories that other manufacturers are capable of creating. In this article we are going to focus on a really special product for designers who are committed to Mac, such as the monitor BenQ PD3225U.

Spread color consistently across your monitors: M-Book

It is quite possible that you have connected an external monitor to your Mac and have encountered an obvious difference between the colors shown. Using different color spaces on each screen is the main reason this happens. In addition to being uncomfortable for the eyes, it is a problem for those professionals who seek maximum color fidelity.

What is the solution to this problem? Calibrate monitors and use the same color space. These are processes that a monitor like BenQ PD3225U can do for us, thanks to a specialized mode for Mac known as M-book.

BenQ color scientists have developed M-book mode, with which they manage to minimize visual differences between external screens and those of Mac computers. The system bases its operation on ICCsync, which is responsible for automatically synchronizing profiles ICC of screens and updating them when color modes are changed.

In summary we can say that it takes the color profile of the Apple computer as a reference and adjusts the main parameters on the BenQ monitor: gamma, dynamic contrast and color temperature.

BenQ PD3225U Monitor
BenQ PD3225U Monitor

Color accuracy and top quality for Mac, verified

Color accuracy is essential for professionals such as graphic designers, photographers and video editors. A monitor with a wide color gamut and precise calibration ensures that colors are faithfully reproduced.

When we talk about “color for Mac,” we must ensure immediate access with complete accuracy and confidence to a wide range of colors. A monitor like the BenQ PD3225U uses an IPS Black panel capable of covering 98% of the P3 color space (ideal for Apple), 99% in sRGB and Rec.708.

We must make special mention of the Delta E achieved in this panel, which is the measurement used to express the color accuracy of a monitor panel. Being less than 2, we can classify it as a product that professionals can trust. This category of panels also assures us an impeccable contrast level: 2000:1.

The second vital parameter is resolution, a high level such as 4K that the BenQ PD3225U offers us, provides a sharper and more detailed image, which is beneficial for jobs that require visual precision. In addition to being a necessary figure when we increase the screen diagonal, which in the case of the BenQ model amounts to 32 inches.

Less recognized among the specifications presented by manufacturers, but really important for quality, we have screen uniformity. Both in brightness and color it must be consistent at any point of it.


How can all this be ensured in a final product? At BenQ they carry out the most demanding factory calibration in their process AQCOLOR and at the same time the main external verifiers are used:

  • The BenQ PD3225U monitor has the Pantone & Pantone SkinTone certification an attractive feature for professionals who need a display that achieves maximum authenticity when displaying real-world colors.
  • Verified by specialists They calm.
  • Thanks to the high levels of brightness and color uniformity that the panel is capable of generating, the PD3225U can boast of meeting standards HDR10 and DisplayHDR 400.
BenQ PD3225U Monitor

One cable does it all

It is a reality that current laptops are very thin, so their design leaves little space for physical ports that are truly important for Mac users. Thanks to the appearance of the new generation of Apple processors It is possible to connect two external screens.

Paired with a BenQ PD3225U monitor, content can easily be expanded to two connected 4K displays. Daisy Chain, via Thunderbolt. The laptop connects to a first monitor using a single cable; That screen is then connected to a second monitor with another cable.

Using a single cable for each device simplifies the entire process and reduces clutter on the table. To achieve versatile connectivity, there is no shortage of ports such as HDMI, USB type B and C ports, or headphone jack.

We must highlight the KVM solution integrated into the monitor. Short for Keyboard, Video, Monitor/Mouse, it allows users to view and control two or more computers using a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. It also makes it possible to connect the Hotkey Puck G2 control system.

Full integration with Mac

In addition to all the hardware solutions and adaptation to the color space of Mac computers, BenQ has developed software with which they ensure that the experience is as “Apple” as possible for its users.

Among the applications that achieve the integration of the monitor with the Mac we must highlight Display Pilota software that simplifies screen management, offering easy control over brightness and volume, directly with the dedicated keys on the Mac keyboard.

Through Display Pilot you can Easily switch between input sources, enable auto-rotate, and split the desktop. It features a dimming function that offers even lower brightness levels than hardware dimming, adapting to all types of monitor uses in dark rooms.

The software responsible for achieving color matching between design monitors is ColorTalk Display. Automatically adjusts the white point, brightness and color temperature between them.

BenQ development also allows assign different color modes to apps, and presents an adaptation to the display parameters according to the activity we are carrying out. For example, there is an “Animation” mode that improves the clarity of dark areas without overexposing bright regions. If we work in CAD/CAM mode, we will enjoy superior contrast between lines and shapes in technical illustrations.

BenQ PD3225U Monitor

Industrial and ergonomic design

BenQ is offering creatives a monitor that is on par with Mac computers, both in design and materials. We find metal in the height-adjustable support and its design line facilitates desktop integration with premium devices.

He PD3225U It also stands out for its four really thin frames, which makes it easy to place two monitors in parallel and enjoy an extended desk. The base can act as a support for the keyboard.

Regarding the comfort of use, we must know that the PD3225U BenQ has a great capacity for adjustments in search of ergonomics: Adjustable stand for height, tilt, swivel and pivot.

Very important the presence of Hotkey Puck G2, a control system that makes it possible for us not to have to reach out to the screen. On the small gadget we have shortcuts to our favorite features, as well as a wheel that allows you to easily adjust the brightness, contrast and volume of the monitor.

HotKey Puck G2

BenQ creates screens that see through your eyes

In addition to offering us the best content display quality and complete integration with Mac computers, BenQ monitors like the PD3225U care about users’ eyesight. They take care of us with Eye Care with technologies such as:

  • Low Blue Light Filters harmful blue light to protect the eyes of all ages. The different levels of blue light are adjusted in various modes depending on your use.
  • Eight hours in front of a monitor can involve 5.8 million screen blinks. That can lead to eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. BenQ flicker-free technology, certified by TÜV Rheinland International eliminates this flicker.

BenQ PD3225U your inspirations will come to life on all screens equally.

With a price of $1000 you can buy it on this website here.


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