Concerns Arise Over Adobe’s AI Advancements Potentially Impacting Jobs!

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), specifically Adobe’s text-to-image generator Firefly, have sparked concerns among some employees at Adobe. They worry that the integration of AI technologies into the art space, such as Firefly in Photoshop, could lead to downsizing of graphic design departments and potentially impact Adobe’s own source of income.

Growing Concerns among Adobe Employees:

According to a report from Insider, some Adobe employees are expressing worries that AI’s increasing role in the design process may result in companies downsizing their graphic design teams. Already, one senior designer at Adobe has cited a billboard and advertising business that reduced its team size due to the effectiveness of Firefly, even while it’s still in beta.

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The “Existential Crisis” and “Depressing” Atmosphere:

Insider reports that the situation has led some Adobe employees to experience an “existential crisis” and express their concerns on an internal Slack channel. The potential impact of AI on job opportunities in the design industry is seen as “depressing” by some.

AI vs. Jobs: A Complex Debate:

While some employees argue that providing tools that enhance art creation ethically is a positive step, the overarching concern is more complex. Adobe caters to design professionals, and if AI leads to job loss in the design industry, it could impact Adobe’s software sales and subscriptions to its Creative Cloud offering.

Potential Cannibalization of Adobe’s Profits:

There are worries that AI’s growing role in design processes might lead to less demand for Adobe’s software, thus reducing the need for as many subscriptions to maintain the same level of productivity. This scenario could pose a risk of “cannibalizing” Adobe’s own source of income.

AI and Profitability:

Questions from Investors: During an Adobe earnings call, analyst Brent Thrill revealed that investors are inquiring whether AI advancements might reduce Adobe’s software sales. David Wadhwani, Adobe’s president of digital media, emphasized that the company has historically introduced technologies that boost productivity and create jobs. However, the current situation’s implications remain unclear.

Concerns Arise Over Adobe's AI Advancements Potentially Impacting Jobs


The increasing integration of AI in the design space has sparked valid concerns among Adobe employees regarding potential job losses and its impact on the company’s profitability. As Adobe continues to invest in AI technologies, finding a balance between innovation and preserving job opportunities will be critical for the company’s future growth and success.


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