Shutterstock Ai Users Can Now Transform Stock Images Easily!

Shutterstock has introduced groundbreaking AI-driven tools, including Magic Brush, enabling users to modify images by simply brushing over areas and describing the desired changes. Still in beta, this editor also offers options to generate alternate versions and expand image backgrounds. A “smart” resizing feature adapts images to required dimensions, and an AI-powered background remover is part of the package.

Shutterstock ensures artists receive compensation for licensed edited images while safeguarding contributors’ intellectual property rights. CEO Paul Hennessy praised these capabilities, stating creatives can now personalize stock images extensively.

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Additionally, Shutterstock is updating its AI image generator, incorporating the latest version of OpenAI’s DALL-E text-to-image tool. Their partnership with OpenAI allows DALL-E to train on Shutterstock’s library for years, emphasizing Shutterstock’s commitment to artist compensation.

Other industry giants, like Adobe and Canva, are also delving into AI-powered image editing. Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tools, launched last month, offers substantial benefits for Creative Cloud subscribers. They also introduced a bonus scheme for artists contributing to model training. Canva joined the AI wave, releasing free AI-powered design tools in March, expanding options for digital creators globally.

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Shutterstock Users Can Now Transform Stock Images Easily

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